Visa to Bhutan

Please download the visa form from the “Download page”.

Visa is required to travel to Bhutan. Visa is approved in advance and a visa clearance number is issued by the Department of Immigration under the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs. Without this visa clearance number, tourists cannot board the flight or enter the country.

The copy of this visa clearance is forwarded to the concerned flight (DrukAir and Bhutan Airlines ) stations and other entry points by the concerned department. We also send the same copy to tour operators/tourists for their reference. A scanned copy in color of the original passport ( valid for atleast 6 months) should be sent through email to enable us to apply the visa on your behalf to the concerned government agencies of Bhutan.

Visa applications must reach Bhutan at least three weeks prior to your arrival date to allow time for processing.

With the new and simple process introduced by Tashel of Tourism Council of Bhutan all the interested guest need to send their valid passport scanned copy so that we will be able to process online with the information in your passport. Your passport need to have validity minimum of 6 months from the date of your Travel.

Your can send us your scanned copy of Passport having validity as mentioned above and duly filled visa form to or