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Mr. Pema Dorji Wangdi

Ocean Clouds Bhutan Tours & Treks
Thimphu Bhutan
Mobile: (00975) 1761 8807

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About the Founder

Mr PD Wangdi had worked more than two decades in government under various national and international organizations. Due to his passion and strong desire in travel field, he visited several beautiful sites of tourist attractions and trekked some of beautiful hotspots around the country. It was during those days when he felt the need to open a professional travel office to cater the needs and wishes of tourists visiting Bhutan which finally is happening now.

The Ocean Clouds Bhutan Tour and Trek although new,  is equipped with experienced and professional staff. Further, Mr. Wangdi is committed to ensure the traveler to create unforgettable experience with bhutanese hospitality.

Tashi Delek & Thank You, Pema Dorji Wangdi

Ocean Clouds Bhutan Tours &Treks Specials

Besides above mentioned cultural tours, we provide following special packages  which will be tailor made to suite the requirement of our visitors.

  • Mediation & Religious Discourses
  • Traditional Bhutanese Marriage Ceremony.
  • Live performances of Religious Rituals.
  • Camp fire Night with Traditional dances & food.

Should you feel you want something special than the one list in our itineraries, please do write to us at or