OCEAN CLOUDS BHUTAN TOURS & TREKS is a government approved License Tour Operator based in Thimphu, Bhutan. With dedicated and professional team backed by excellent infrastructures, we are committed in fulfilling tourism aspiration of our visitors to this beautiful country-Bhutan.

Our company provides Trekking, Hiking, Cultural Tours, Festival Tours, River Rafting, Spiritual and Meditation packages and many more. Our special package includes home stay with community and tailor made religious rituals to suite needs of the individuals and religious discourses.


  • To be one of leading Tour Operator in Regions by providing efficient, excellent and professional travel services to our customers.
  • To make Bhutan among top destination in the world for tourists.
  • Oceans Clouds Tours & Treks to be known to the World as family brand name.


  • We are seeking for excellence in service and will provide quality service at a cost that will enable us to remain competitive.
  • Develop comprehensive and interesting travel products which will bring every lasting memory to the visitors.
  • Work extra mile to showcase our company’s service.

About Bhutan
Bhutan or Drukyul is a small Kingdom nestled between India in South and China in North. As a gift to the citizen of Bhutan, his majesty the fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuck started the parliamentary democratic system replacing the old monarchy system thus making Bhutan the world’s youngest democratic country.
The national developmental policy of Bhutan is unlike any other country in the world. Bhutan follows the philosophy of Gross National Happiness, making it unique because this philosophy focuses on the people’s happiness and well being instead of rapid modernization of the country.

Bhutan is the only country in the world which is carbon negative and has a vast range of flora and fauna making it rich in biodiversity. Its main feature is the breathtaking natural landscape with well preserved culture and tradition which is unlike any in the world.

Brief information about Bhutan.

Area: 38,394 sq. km.         Capital: Thimphu

Population: 634,982.         Religion: Buddhism

 National Dress: Gho and Kira.

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Why people choose Bhutan as their travel destinations?

According to the survey carried out by CNN Television (USA), Bhutan is considered as one of top 10 travel destinations in World. The reasons are peace and tranquility in the Kingdom without proving threat to the visitors, intact tradition and culture of country which country has in abundance to offer  and natural vegetation , flora & fauna, unclimbed stunning view of snow capped himalayan mountains. So many tourist come to Bhutan as break to escape from their city life, day to day’s traffic, technological & virtual world.  As number of tourist increased annually, many high end International Hotels and Resorts has alos emerged in the country. Tourists can now choose various hotels to  suite according to the budgets.

Amazing Cultural Tours

Tiger Nest Cultural Tours (4N/5D)

The Tiger’s Nest is Bhutan’s most iconic landmark and religious site. This temple is one of the most holy sites in the kingdom and clings impossibly to a sheer cliff face 900 hundred meters above the Paro Valley. Read More

Summer Palace & highland Cultural Tour (6N/7D)

Summer Palace & highland Cultural Tour Duration: 6 Nights and 7 days. Places to visit:   1st day:  Paro, 2nd day   Thimphu  3rd day:   Thimphu  4th day:  Dochula, Lamperi Read More

Central Bhutan flora & fauna tours (9N/10D)

Central Bhutan flora & fauna tours Duration:  9 Nights 10 days 1st day:  Paro, 2nd day  Thimphu 3rd day: Thimphu  4th day:  Dochula, Lamperi  Read More

Trekking Tours

Bumthang Cultural Treks (3D)

BHUTAN has many trekking routes with altitude ranging from 1500m (from sea level) to 5500m experiencing rich bio diversity of flora & fauna , animals & people. Read More

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek(6D)

During the trek an entire day will be dedicated to visiting some of the more picturesque lakes, fishing and resting. The trail also takes you through  Read More

Jomolhari Trek -2 (9D)

Jomolhari Trek is longer than the Jomolhari Loop – the most popular trekking routes in Bhutan. With altitude differences of 2,500m and nearly 5,000m it  Read More

Festival Tours

Thimphu Tshechu

Bhutanese festival are called Tsechus which are held at Dzongs (Administrative Fortress)  and monasteries throughout the year at different districts and time. One of the kind is celebrated in Thimphu.

Read More

Paro Tshechu

Out of all this festivals the ones which are held at the capital Thimphu paro and Bumthang are the main attractions for the tourist which visit Bhutan. Read More

Punakha Tshechu

In this festivals people from all around the country leave behind their daily works, get dressed in their best attire and jewelry  and visit the dzongs and Read More

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